Dörrenberg StudienAWARD 2018

  Jury and participants Copyright: Fa. Dörrenberg GmbH Jury and participants of the Dörrenberg StudienAWARD 2018; (from left to right) at the back: Prof. Werner Theisen, Prof. Hans-Werner Zoch, Gerd Böhner, Dr. Frank Stahl; midst: Sebastian Ehrhard, Prof. Christoph Escher, Tobias Rixen; up front: Berenice Kr

The Dörrenberg StudienAWARD 2018, awarded with a total of € 10,000, for outstanding bachelor thesis projects was presented in Engelskirchen on the 22nd of February 2018 to graduates of engineering sciences. Out of 40 applications from all over Germany, five were invited to the final round, among those one graduate of the IEHK. He presented his topic and answered critical questions from the jury. With pride, we can now announce that Mr. Tobias Rixen has reached the third place.

Mr. Rixen studies materials engineering and wrote his bachelor’s thesis in the department of Ferrous Metallurgy of Prof. Wolfgang Bleck. His work was supervised by Mr. Clemens Neipp and had the title „Tuning and characterization of multiphase-structures of a medium-manganese-steel”. The work is dedicated to the investigation of utilization of a medium-manganese-steel to the use as a piston pin. Therefore, Mr. Rixen worked out a concept for the heat-treatment that enables the omission of additional annealing-steps after the cold forging. The material achieves its final mechanical properties through the effect of transformation induced plasticity (TRIP).

Mr. Rixen shows with his work that, at the end of the Bachelor's degree, scientific questions can be successfully answered at a high level, reflecting the IEHK's claim to combine good teaching with sophisticated science to provide convincing solutions for relevant engineering issues.


On November 7th managers and engineers of the Mexican company METALSA visited the institute and discussed together with Prof. Piller, Krupp and Bleck of RWTH Aachen University on topics of Industrie 4.0 as well as on fabrication of high-strength sheet steels.