Investigation of damage mechanisms in thermal barrier coatings by acoustic emission

Warrendale, Pa / Minerals, Metals & Materials Soc. (1999) [Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband]

Elevated Temperature Coatings: Science and Technology III : Proceedings of a Symposium sponsored by the Surface Modification and Coatings Technology Committee of the Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division (MPMD) of TMS, and by the Joint TMS/ASM Corrosion and Environmental Effects Committee of the Structural Materials Division (SMD) of TMS, held during the TMS Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, 28.2.-4.3.1999 / [Symposium on High Temperature Coatings] / Hampikian, J. M. [u.a.] Hrsg

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Dettenwanger, Franz
Echsler, H.
Bruns, C.
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