Sustainable recycling of residues of nickel production in EAF steelmaking route

Warrendale, Pa / Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (2004) [Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband]

Proceedings of the REWAS '04: Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology held in Madrid, Spain, September 26 - 29, 2004 : [also served as the TMS 2004 Fall Extraction and Process Metallurgy Meeting] / [organizers: INASMET, the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) ...]. Ed. by I. Gaballah .... - Vol. 3. [Recycling of non-ferrous metals, rubber, plastics and papers, soil remediation ... ; Posters: Extraction and recycling, liquid and gaseous effluents ...]

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Mavrommatis, Konstantinos
Hernández Ramírez, Aurelio
Senk, Dieter
Zaragoza Valdés, Rogelio
Leyva González, O.