Starting from January 1st, 2017, the German Research Foundation (DFG) will provide funding...

[more] 2017-01-16

This fall, Prof. Tomasz Wierzbicki, head of MIT´s Impact and Crashworthiness Lab, has paid a visit...

[more] 2016-12-01
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Logo Verein zur Förderung der Aachener Eisenhüttenkunde e.V.

RWTH Aachen University - House of Production

SFB 761 - Stahl-Abinitio

Welcome to the Steel Department of
RWTH Aachen University!

The Department of Ferrous Metallurgy is active in teaching and in the research of the fields steel production and processing as well as the application of metallic materials. The education we offer, and our classes for continuing education, is taught at a scientific and application-oriented level. Our research projects are both based in the fundamentals and being relevant for real-life problems. The projects concern current questions and thus, scientifically contribute to solving actual problems in the industry. The research aswell as teaching at IEHK is led by Prof. Bleck with the Chair for Materials Science of Steel, by Prof. Senk with the Chair for Metallurgy of Iron and Steel and by Prof. Münstermann with the Group for Integrity of Materials ans Structures.

Metallurgy Materials Technology Materials Mechanics