35. Aachen Steel Colloquium Digital – Metallurgy for sustainable steel

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Current and future challenges of the iron and steel industry will be discussed in this year’s Aachen Steel Colloquium on the 23rd and 24th of September 2021. More than 20 presentations on our main topic “metallurgy for sustainable steel” will give a detailed perspective on problems and solutions in industry and research.

In addition to the highly interesting talks given by selected experts, there will be two panel discussions on current topics faced by the industry nowadays and in the future. Topics such as the “implementation of the transformation to a CO2-free metallurg” and the “development of digitalization and artificial intelligence of steel production” will be discussed.

To not expose participants of the colloquium to any unnecessary risks, while ensuring a successful event for everyone, we are planning a predominantly digital event for this year’s conference. The presentations as well as panel discussions will be held live in Aachen. For all other participants, there will be a live broadcast and a platform that allows an exchange with other guests. Additionally, there will be an exhibition of digital posters presented by industry partners and researchers at the IEHK.

Furthermore, a digital evening event will give everyone the chance to meet in a friendly atmosphere to discuss the topics of the day, also allowing for an exchange with RWTH Aachen University students.

Registration for the Aachen Steel Colloquium is now possible on our website www.ask2021.de, where you can also find the detailed overview of presenters as well as the presentation titles. The live broadcast of the colloquium will be free of charge for students.

Until then we wish you all the best.