Scale-bridging modelling of damage evolution of high strength steel sheets

  Macro-scale study of damage initiation for different stress states Copyright: IEHK (a) Macro-scale study of damage initiation for different stress states, and (b) micro-scale study based on RVE model.

In this project, a scale-bridging approach is developed for prediction of the forming and failure behavior of different complex phase steels sheets. The study is carried out from micro- and macro-scale viewpoints. In the macro-scale study, the damage and fracture initiation are predicted using modified Bai-Wierzbicki damage criterion along with Yoshida-Uemori kinematic hardening model. On the other hand, the 3D representative volume elements (RVE) method is implemented, as the micro-scale study, to assess the failure behavior of the materials. Furthermore, various experimental tests are performed to calibrate and evaluate the models’ capability. The experiments are designed to cover a wide range of stress states, i.e. different stress-triaxialities and Lode-angle parameters are considered.