Phenomenological damage modeling of real crack fields and development of evaluation criteria

  Real crack field of a forged block, macro shot Copyright: Technisch-wissenschaftlicher Bericht TWB 1/1, „Werkstoffe und Schweißverbindungen“, MPA Stuttgart, 1981 Real crack field of a forged block, macro shot

During the production porcess of large forging components cracks can occur due to improper production and processing or unfavorable chemical composition. The research of recent years has shown that several components of plants, such as thick-wall pressure vessels, can contain production-induced cracking fields.

Individual cracks are evaluated in the existing set of rules using fracture mechanics. However, the influence of crack fields on the load capacity of components cannot be quantified with the existing rules in sufficient accuracy.

Within the framework of the project, a methodology is developed which allows calculating the safety margin against failure for a component containing a crack field. In order to ensure industrial applicability, the methodology derived should be executable with reasonable effort.

The development of the methodology is carried out on the basis of the damage mechanics modeling of real crack fields.