AixViPMaP® – Aachen (Aix) Virtual Platform for Materials Processing

  Simulation Copyright: © IEHK AixViPMaP® Lab: Jupyter notebooks used as a grid computing interface allowing materials scientists to define and execute simulation workflows (1), monitor simulation jobs (2), and process/visualize (intermediate) results (3).

A large variety of phenomena has to be considered to determine the microstructure and properties of materials. Modern materials scientists need to make use of an ever growing number of software tools reaching from atomistic to macro scale simulation codes and also including auxiliary pre- and post-processing scripts as well as data visualization frameworks [2]. The resulting engineering tasks can be challenging, not only due to the fact that operating each individual tool by itself can require a high level of expertise but also because data often cannot be easily transferred between applications and processes. To make things even more difficult, simulation parameters and results often have to be shared between project partners and across research groups.


The vision of AixViPMaP® is to integrate simulation hardware and software distributed across multiple institutes, computer networks and administrative domains into a single computer cluster to simplify and align materials engineering workflows for both individuals and groups [1].

  Simulation structur Copyright: © IEHK AixViPMaP® infrastructure broken down into the most relevant components and relationships AixViPMaP® (marked blue) serves as a web portal and service provider while the simulation software and hardware are provided by different institutes (marked red a

Integrational Challenges

  1. Domain integration – e.g. how to schedule jobs on remote networks?
  2. Web service integration – e.g. how to provide intuitive operation via web browser?
  3. Frontend/Backend integration – e.g. how to standardize authentication/authorization?
  4. Software integration – e.g. how to launch apps in a uniform way?
  5. License integration – e.g. how to track and account software usage?
  6. Process integration – e.g. how to couple individual software codes?
  7. Workflow integration – e.g. how to define reproducible workflows?

Project Partners

  • ACCESS e.V., Intzestr. 5, 52056 Aachen
  • Foundry Institute GI, Intzestr. 5, 52056 Aachen
  • Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering IWM, Augustinerbach 4, 52062 Aachen
  • Institute of Metal Forming IBF, Intzestr. 10, 52056 Aachen
  • Steel Institute IEHK, Intzestr. 1, 52072 Aachen


  1. L. Koschmieder, S. Hojda, M. Apel, R. Altenfeld, Y. Bami, C. Haase, M. Lin, A. Vuppala, G. Hirt, G.J. Schmitz: “AixViPMaP® – an operational platform for microstructure modelling workflows”, IMMI, Vol. 9 (2019) (accepted)
  2. G.J. Schmitz and U. Prahl (eds.): “Handbook of Software Solutions for ICME”, Wiley VCH, Weinheim (2016), ISBN 978-3-527-33902-0


The author acknowledges funding of the present work by the European Commission within the MarketPlace project (Grant ID H2020-NMBP-25-2017 760173) and by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG in the frames of the Project House ICMEaix at the RWTH Aachen, the Collaborative Research Center “Steel – ab initio” and of the Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production” (Grant IDs: ZUK 32/2, SFB 761 and EXC 2023, Project-ID: 39062112).