Material Characterization

  Structural Integrity Copyright: © IEHK/Wesselmecking Geometry and strain analysis during a hydraulic bulge test.

The "Materials Characterisation" field of competence combines the best of both worlds. It concentrates on basic research in materials technology through to application-specific issues. In addition, we carry out metrological and methological developments in order to do justice to the latest generations of materials. Here, microstructure-property correlations with regard to forming, crash and corrosion are determined not only on steels but also on other metallic materials. The testing of ultra-high-strength and high-ductility materials with technological testing methods is carried out with modern universal testing machines. The competence field determines fatigue properties, carries out dynamic and static tensile tests and checks the temperature-dependent material characteristics. It uses advanced methods such as digital image correlation (DIC) and topological imaging using confocal microscopy. Another focus of the competence field is the investigation of nanostructures by advanced characterisation methods, such as atom probe tomography, in situ diffractometry using high-energy synchrotron radiation and small-angle neutron scattering. With the development of new alloy and microstructure concepts, improved material properties are to be achieved. We deal intensively with the mechanisms of phase transformation and the deformation behaviour of materials. In addition to characterisation methods, simulation approaches such as CALPHAD are used. We offer an exciting environment for scientific investigations, from dissertations to student research projects. Current interests range from TRIP/TWIP/MBIP steels, precipitation of intermetallic phases, nitriding steels, steels for the energy transition, air-hardening forging steels, as well as recycling-related impurities and their influence on mechanical properties of different alloys. Contact us for more information or to become part of this exciting research field!



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