Material Characterization



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  Structural Integrity Copyright: © IEHK/Wesselmecking Geometry and strain analysis during a hydraulic bulge test.

Our research activities in the Materials Characterization group range from basic research in materials technology to application-specific questions. In addition, measuring techniques are carried out in order to meet the requirements of the latest generations of materials. For this purpose, microstructure-property correlations are determined with regard to forming, crash and corrosion on steels, but also other metallic and non-metallic materials. The testing of high-strength and highly ductile materials with technological testing methods is realized by means of modern universal testing machines. We determine fatigue properties (LCF to VHCF), carry out dynamic and static tensile tests, check the temperature-dependent material characteristics, analyze strain localizations by means of digital image correlation (DIC) or use topological imaging by means of confocal microscopy to name a few methods. We are also currently coordinating the development of the new database structures, from which we hope to gain new insights in the future. From dissertations to student research projects, there are always interesting tasks on the agenda. Please contact us!