Process Metallurgy and Recycling of Iron and Steel- M.Sc.


The main topics covered in this course are listed below.

1. Introduction; Historical Survey

2. Preparation of Iron Ore; Cokemaking

3. Thermodynamic Equilibrium; Kinetics

4. Reduction processes, Ironmaking

5. Direct Reduction

6. Steelmaking BOF

7. Steelmaking EAF

8. Secondary Metallurgy

9. Casting and Solidification

10. Slags in Iron and Steelmaking

Basic Information:

Degree: Master of Science

Language: English

Lecture: 2 SWS

Exercise: 2 SWS

Practical training: 0 SWS


Examination: 90min

Lecture time: annually, WS

External lecturers:

Dr. Jean-Paul Simoes