Advanced Course- Metallurgy and Recycling, Iron and Steel Making – M.Sc.


The main topics covered in this course are listed below.

1. Product chains in iron & steelmaking, Thermochemistry

2. Thermodynamics, Activity, Phase diagram, Kinetics

3. BOF; Types; Process; Steel Plant; De-C; De-Si; De-P

4. EAF; Energy; Post Combustion; Burners; Refractories; Wall Panels

5. Secondary Metallurgy; De-S; De-O; De-N; De-C; Types of Process, especially in Calcium and Aluminum treatment

6. Continuous Casting; Caster Technology; Mould Mechanics; Solidification; Micro-segregation

Basic Information:

Degree: Master of Science

Language: English

Lecture: 2 SWS

Exercise: 1 SWS

Practical training: 0 SWS


Examination: 60min

Lecture time: annually, SS

External lecturers:

Dr. Jean-Paul Simoes