Dr. Alexander Babich is metallurgical engineer, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

After the graduation from Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine, he worked at steel works and than for many years at Donetsk National Technical Universityas researcher and project leader and associate Professor. Dr. Babich also worked in the National Center of Metallurgical Investigations of Spain, as invited scientist and as a consultant in the steel industry.

After spending one year at the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy, RWTH Aachen University as a guest scientist, he has been working there since 2000 as a resarcher and sice 2009 as a senior researcher/ group leader. He is engaged in noumerous national European research programs on coal, steel with focus on enviromental issues and higher education.

About 300 his scientific works including 9 books and more than 35 patents on the topics of blast furnace, direct and smelting reduction, modelling, energy saving and carbon dioxide emmission mitigation in metallurgy, studies and application of fossil and renewable reductants and combustion technologies as well as new learning methods have been published.

His name is noted in Who's Who in the World, Dictionary of International Biography (Cambridge) and other reference books.

Gebäude: Institut für Eisenhüttenkunde

Raum: R 216

Intzestraße 1

52072 Aachen