Metallic Materials – M.Sc.


The event is divided into the part Ferrous materials and Microstructure, Microscopy and Modelling.

In the part Ferrous Materials, which is held by Prof. Bleck, students are introduced into the metal-physical phenomena and their different possibilities for systematic influence on metals properties. Furthermore, students integrated the learned theories into practical applications of metallic materials. For selected examples, students are capable of analyzing the development of microstructure through process chain. They learn about physical properties of metallic materials, substitutional and interstitial solid solution, selected binary and ternary systems and the choice of materials and steel groups.

In the part Microstructure, Microscopy and Modelling, which is held by Dr. Zaefferer from MPIE, the students learn different techniques to analyze the microstructure of materials. Testing methods like the scanning electron microscope (SEM), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), the transmission electron microscope (TEM) and the atom probe tomography (APT) are explained. Furthermore, the basics of damage modelling are introduced.

In order to complete the module, both parts must have been passed.

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Exam: 180 min

Lecture/Exercise: 6 SWS

Credit Points: 8

Rotation: WS, annually


Ferrous Materials: Yuling Chang, M. Sc.

Microstructure, Microscopy and Modelling: Seyedamirhossein Motaman, M. Sc.