Materials Science of Steel – M. Sc.


In the lecture of Materials Science of Steel, students are introduced to basic principles of strength and toughness of different steel groups, as well as fracture mechanics and other materials specific properties. Furthermore, correlations between metallurgical phenomena with material mechanical properties will be explained pervasively during the lecture.

Besides substantial theoretical content from material science, practical processes widely used in steel making industry will also be discussed during the lecture.

With the knowledge given in the lecture, students will be proficient in defining correlations between microstructure and properties. They will become familiar with industrial implementations for most widely used steels and they will be able to carry out simple lifecycle assessment and cost effective analysis.

Exam: 120 Min. (50%)

Oral Examination: 15-30 Min. (50%)

Lecture: 2 SWS

Exercise: 1 SWS

Practical Training: 3 SWS

Credit Points: 5

Lecture time: annually, SS


Yuling Chang

Seyedamirhossein Motaman, M. Sc.