Software Tools for Integrated Computational Materials and Process Design - M. Sc.


Course Description:

Application of simulation techniques on various scales is nowadays an important aspect of materials engineering and process design. In ICME courses, an introduction will be given to the main ICME simulation methods and corresponding software tools for process modeling with scale bridging applications. The course involves exercise sessions at our computer lab after each lecture that are mostly related to Iron and steel. The main ICME topics ranging from atomic to macroscopic scale are covered in this course as listed below.

  • First principle (Ab initio) method
  • Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo
  • Precipitation kinetics
  • Phase field method
  • Thermodynamic modeling
  • Continuum microstructure dynamics
  • Finite element method
  • Representative volume element method
  • Crystal plasticity and homogenization methods
  • Continuum damage mechanics

As it can be inferred from the course titles, in winter semester course (ICME methods for process modeling) the focus is on the theory and modeling methods, while the summer semester course (ICME software tools) is concentrated on the software tools and applications.

Basic Information:

Degree: Master of Science

Language: English

ECTS Credits: 4

Examination: Oral

More Information:

Contact: Seyedamirhossein Motaman

AixViPMaP Platform:

The AixViPMaP platform enables students to easily manage simulation tasks for common simulation tools that are covered in the ICME courses, such as ABAQUS, MICRESS, Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, DAMASK, etc. via a unified, intuitive, web-based user interface. Students can send simulation jobs to the cross-institute ICME simulation network and monitor the progress of their simulations in the web browser. All simulation results are made available to students through a central web interface regardless of which partner institute produced them. Students can view, edit, download and share simulation results with other students, use simulation results as input parameters for subsequent simulations, and much more. Students of ICME courses can use their computer lab credentials to log in the platform.