Metallurgy Of Iron And Steel

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Steel production is carried out in several steps, with both ore and steel scrap being used as starting material. For the production of pig iron and crude steel from ferrous ores, there are different process steps, such as the classical blast furnace route and various melting and direct reduction methods. The electric arc furnace, on the other hand, is a smelting unit, which is mainly used for the melting of steel scrap and direct-reduced iron (DRI). The bulk of the steel is extracted from the blast furnace and converter route, which consists of a primary and a secondary metallurgical part. In the primary metallurgy, pig iron and crude steel are first produced, which is then further processed into secondary steel in secondary metallurgy. The treatment of the molten steel and the adjustment of the desired composition are also part of the tasks of secondary metallurgy, as is the setting of the desired casting temperature.

The Group of Iron and Steel Metallurgy deals, among other things, with the optimization and further development of existing processes as well as the development of new processes. Preparing the feed materials (coke, coal, iron ore) is just as much a research topic as the continuous improvement of process management with regard to energy and raw material saving as well as the use of alternative raw materials.