Voluntary engagement for wayside cross

  Cross in the workshop Copyright: © IEHK

In the Laurensberg district of Aachen, at the highest point of the historical Via Regia connecting route between Aachen and Maastricht, there is a cross right next to a linden tree, which is registered as a natural monument. The cast iron cross, known to all walkers, was badly damaged by falling branches in a storm.

The IEHK workshop repaired the cross on a voluntary basis. The breaking points were reworked, the individual cross parts were connected with a centrally inserted steel pin and the entire cross was reinforced on the back with a steel tube adapted to the cast profile. After cleaning and painting with a graphite-containing paint, the cross could be re-erected at the historical position. With the existing distance to the walkway, the repair measures are not recognizable, so that the old cross can continue to serve as a landmark in the usual place.

The pictures show the cross in the workshop and after the re-installation in September 2020.

  Restored Cross Copyright: © IEHK