Excursion as part of the course „Spezielle Kapitel der Betriebsorganisation“

  Students of the IEHK and employees of „Salzgitter AG“ at the guided tour through Braunschweig. Copyright: © IEHK

From the 17th to the 18th May the sommer field trip to the “Salzgitter Flachstahl AG” took place. As usual the field trip started in Braunschweig, where the students had the chance to ask questions to employees of the Salzigtter AG from different departments during dinner. The dinner was followed by a guided tour through the ancient city of Braunschweig.

  Students infront of the blast furnace. In the background the tapping of the blast furnace can be seen. Copyright: © IEHK

The next morning, the blast furnace and the hot rolling mill of “Salzgitter Flachstahl AG” were visited. After the guided tour, we went back to the hotel. During lunch, some students took the opportunity to discuss with Prof. Fuhrmann, CEO of the Salzgitter AG, topics beside the contents of the lectures. In the afternoon, the students listened to the lecture of Prof. Fuhrmann. Around 5 pm, the journey back to Aachen was started.

We are very thankful for the invitation of Prof. Fuhrmann and for the support of Astrid Mohr and are looking forward to the next trip.