Stahlinnovationspreis 2018

  Prizewinner Miss Wenwen Song Copyright: © IEHK

"Stahl Innovations Preis” is awarded every three years in four categories. Dr.- Ing. Wenwen Song was honoured in the category "Research" for her innovative concept for proximity-based strength enhancement in high manganese steels.

In the excellent work the formation of a near order of the (Fe,Mn)3AlC phase in the size range of a few nm was demonstrated with the help of a combined approach of high-resolution material characterization and ab initio calculations. Targeted adaptation of the material processing made it possible to overcome the strength-ductility compromise in high-strength, density-reduced steels by making use of the local order formation. The prize was awarded by Minister Prof. Pinkwart and the President of the “Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl” Mr. Kerkhoff at a ceremony in Berlin on 13 June 2018".