DVM Junior Prize 2019

  Laureate of the DVM Junior Prize Copyright: © IEHK Award ceremony of this year's DVM Junior Prize. From left to right: Prof. H.-A. Richard (Chairman of the DVM), A. Aydin (runner-up), F. Pütz (award winner), and Prof. M. Vormwald (Chairman of the working group “Fracture mechanics and component safety”).

From 18-20 February, the institute was dedicated to the DVM working group "Fracture Mechanics and Component Safety". On January 18, Prof. Münstermann first welcomed the participants of the advanced training course "Damage Mechanics" in the Institute's practical training room. Supported by Prof. Michael Seidenfuß (MPA Stuttgart), Dr. Steffen Gerke (Universität der Bundeswehr München) and Dr. Till Clausmeyer (TU Dortmund), microscopic failure mechanisms and associated modelling approaches were discussed. Afterwards, the programme committee meeting of the working group on fracture mechanics and component safety took place in the adjacent meeting room on the same evening, in which the processes of the upcoming conference were planned in detail. Over the next two days, the “Integrity of Materials and Structures” team then hosted the DVM conference known by the short name "AK Bruch" at Gut Rosenhof in Horbach near Aachen, Germany, and was particularly active in the programme with a total of four lecturers. This commitment paid off in a particularly pleasing way, as Felix Pütz, a scientific employee at the institute, was awarded again the DVM Junior Prize. Felix Pütz is thus in the best tradition with Dr. Christian Schruff, Dr. Victoria Brinnel and Markus Könemann, all of whom have already received this coveted award for young scientists. This award ceremony is certainly also a great incentive for future employees of the institute to contribute to the success of the DVM conference "Fracture Mechanics and Component Safety" with well-founded scientific lectures.

  Professor Münstermann as holds a few final words. Copyright: © IEHK Professor Münstermann as holds a few final words.